Welcome to the website of the Law Firm Olearska & Piekarczyk Attorneys at Law

Law Firm Olearska & Piekarczyk Attorneys at Law was established upon an idea to render comprehensive legal services for the entrepreneurs of various specialties, in all aspects of their business activity. Following this idea we’ve created a dynamic and modern Law Firm with a team of experienced and committed lawyers. Our priority is to ensure our Clients a legal security while conducting business activity by them. We guarantee the high standards of legal services and our full availability.

While rendering legal services we put great pressure on creating long lasting and close relations with our Clients. We take care of their business in current cases as well as represent them in courts and extrajudicial proceedings. We guarantee at the same time, complex approach to the cases ordered to us as well as full confidentiality of entrusted information.

Additionally, if such is our Clients’ will we may support with our knowledge the lawyers employed by the Client (legal outsourcing).

We provide our services also in English and German.


High quality of our services is a result of our qualifications and our approach to working with a Client. We understand how many matters our Clients need to deal with while conducting a business activity. This is why our services are provided in such a way to engage the Client and his time as little as possible, while still ensure that he is fairly and timely informed about the state of his affairs.


We specialize in various fields of law, so we offer a wide range of services. We are also open to new challenges. All of our lawyers have years of experience in working with the entrepreneurs and providing them with legal assistance.


Through years of working together we have created a team in which we all know what our capabilities and requirements of our Clients are. We are aimed at professionalism, efficiency, commitment and availability.